Sovereign Villages

The Sovereign Villages were designed for modern slaves, that is, for those who are oppressed by taxes and bureaucracies, for those who do not have a decent job or for those who do not have it at all, and for all those who suffer without having a real hope.

If true democracy is also market freedom, and if a free market is based on free demand, then it is necessary to teach modern slaves who can freely ask for a product that they never thought it would be possible to manufacture: the Sovereign Villages.

The systems that rule the world

The systems that rule the world, like trees, are judged by their fruits. They are good systems if they provide good fruits, they are bad systems if they provide bad fruits. Among the fruits that are produced by today systems, we have:

Unemployment / Lack of housing for all / Non-functional and often unhealthy houses / Mafia / Organized crime / Hunger and malnutrition / Wars / Riots / Theft / Inability to communicate / Torture / Genocide / Seizures / Assassinations / Drugs / Habitats insecurity / Production of foods not suitable for consumption / poor and often erroneous school education / unnecessary bureaucracy, costly and repressive / inability of people in charge of senior management / lack of logical and global programs / distrust without public money control / air pollution / pollution of the public sea ​​/ Pollution of the lakes / Pollution of the land / Production of dangerous weapons capable of destroying the world / Production of stupid and non-educational shows / Destruction of animal species / Destruction of plant species / Justice exercised in an unfair and slow manner / Inadequate or excessive salaries / Occupational diseases / Diseases induced by pollution / Diseases induced by the stress of chaotic life / Lack of adequate health services / Lack of assistance to the elderly / Hegemony of corporations on unorganized individuals / Production and promotion of useless and expensive goods / Collusion between industrial and political groups / Scarce and false information offered to the base ............. ...

...the list, unfortunately, could continue.

A permanent conflictuality

The number of deaths, injuries and people suffering from wars, riots, malnutrition, pollution, ignorance, repressions, prevarications and damages of all kinds, gives the measure of the ineffectiveness of the systems of government in force in the world. The systems we live have always offered a permanent conflictuality to everyone around the world. A conflictuality among nations, a conflictuality between multinational companies, a conflictuality between medium and small businesses, and finally a conflictuality between individuals. But be careful! The subtler among the forms of conflictuality in the world is that between the structures of government, of whatever level, even if democratically elected, that is, the castes and the totality of the governed persons, that is, modern slaves.

These are to date (2019) some of the results produced by the bad governments and by the resulting conflictuality:

  • 3 billion people live with 1.80 Euros a day.
  • 1 billion people do not have sufficient access to drinking water.
  • 875 million people suffer from malnutrition.
  • 22,000 children, every day (one every 4 seconds) die because of poverty.
  • 1 billion people are totally illiterate.
  • A few billions of people can read, but do not understand what they read.

The idea of the ​​Sovereign Villages

Question: Is it possible to improve in a short time the current systems that support the world?

Answer: Absolutely NOT!

The current systems are like huge monoliths made of reinforced concrete, the reinforcement being represented by the constitutions, laws, bureaucratic structures, regulations, monetary instruments and armed forces. Changing those systems in a radical way is not possible.

Changing them little by little is not worthy, it’s just a waste of precious time.

The best strategy is to convince, through the democratic vote, the current sovereign systems to create on their territories many new small systems, as if they were their children, endowing them with free will, that is, full sovereignty, and also providing them with a fantastic DNA, that is, of an ethical, moderate and altruistic regulation, therefore, also a reassuring one.

In doing so, all that is good and just that it is not possible to do, all and right away, on the territory of all sovereign nations, it will be possible to do it, all and right away, on small portions of territory of those same sovereign nations. These small portions of territory are the Sovereign Villages.

The recognition of the Sovereign Villages

The Sovereign Villages are internationally recognized and militarily defended the sovereign country that created them.

The Sovereign Villages are politically neutral.

Benefits for the sovereign country that created the Sovereign Village

The citizens without work can emigrate to the Sovereign Villages, and find there a real permanent job and experience an extremely pleasant way of life.

Industries will receive abundant orders from the Sovereign Villages, for the construction of their homes and for the construction of their productive settlements.

The Sovereign Villages, because of their great productivity, will be like gold mines. Therefore Standard & Poor's will not fail to attribute the triple A to the sovereign nations that created them.

The excellent functioning of the Sovereign Villages, created by a sovereign nations on its territory, will induce the latter, as far as possible, to imitate them.

The underdeveloped nations

All the other sovereign nations, by creating the Sovereign Villages on their territory, will be entitled to promote them and realize them also in the underdeveloped nations of the whole world.


The Sovereign Villages are not appreciated by politicians, industrialists and multinational companies.

In fact, politicians feel like persons who have made it, as they obtained a stable government office. Why then should they make the effort to promote the Sovereign Villages?

The industrials also feel like persons who have made it, who have an excellent business on their hands. Why then should they make the effort to promote the Sovereign Villages?

Multinational companies, on the other hand, would see in the Sovereign Villages experienced and demanding consumers who would control them in every respect. Why then should they promote the Sovereign Villages?

If the rulers of the world, becoming aware of this new idea, will not immediately act to realize it, the only hope will be the vote of those who feel bad and have no economic security, that is, the vote of modern slaves, who are many and all together definitely represent the majority in every nation.

Bad governments are responsible for having produced the ethical and economic failures of the nations all over the world.

Bad governments have made the permanent conflictuality a necessity, which has produced and is producing, throughout the world, unhappiness, poverty, disease, premature deaths and suffering of all kinds.

Bad governments have created too many laws, too many regulations, too many bureaucracies, thus castrating every possible healthy development.

It is therefore important that the modern slaves understand well what the Sovereign Villages really are, so that they can easily decide to vote for the parties that will insert them into their program.

Sovereign Villages are the new hope that is missing today. Without hope you live badly and eventually you die worse.

The principles on which the Sovereign Villages are based

The principle of globality, which places at its base the concept that on earth we are all together and not against each other, we are all like a big family, the problem of the individual is everyone's problem and everyone's problem is the problem of the individual.

The principle of globality emphasizes the need to act with solidarity, love, fraternity, friendship and altruism.

The principle of globality proposes that the consumption of the Sovereign Villages take their parameters from the knowledge of the resources of the whole world and from the knowledge of the number of people who depend on them.

The principle of clarity requires the regulation of the Sovereign Villages to be clearly expressed and that those who do not understand it should be instructed in the right way so that, before becoming a resident of a Sovereign Village, they can perfectly understand it.

The principle of functionality. In a Sovereign Village everything must be studied and designed for a clear and understandable function. Anything that is not justified by a clear function should be avoided and possibly eliminated.

The principle of evolution. The Sovereign Villages organize their own evolution on their own territory, designing without external interference the construction of the new settlements, to accommodate their descendants.

The construction of the new settlements, on the territory of the Sovereign Villages, will be carried out according to a circular path that will eventually return to the first settlement.

When a Sovereign Village will organize its fifth settlement, it will take place on the territory of the first, in a time when the inhabitants of the same will naturally have completed their earthly life cycle. Similarly, it will organize the sixth settlement on the territory of the second, and so on.

How the Sovereign Villages are made

The Sovereign Villages arise on small territories where all the residents have the opportunity to get to know each other.

Initially, the citizens of the nation that created a Sovereign Village will take precedence as residents. Subsequently, the possible entry as residents of people of other nationalities will be decided by the chief of the Sovereign Village.

The number of residents of a Sovereign Village will depend on the productive specialization adopted by its chief.

No one will be forced to become a resident of a Sovereign Village and those who are already residents can leave it permanently whenever they want, and the same holds for those born in a Sovereign Village, when they become adult.

The residents of a Sovereign Village retain their citizenship and right to vote in the country they come from, and where they can return if they leave the Sovereign Village.

Those who become residents will have to entrust their securities and/or real estate values ​​in the hands of the Sovereign Village.

These values ​​will be administered by a committee specially set up by the chief of the Sovereign Village. The income produced will be taxed by the country of competence and the net value, after taxes and administrative costs , will remain available to the owner.

For decisions of extraordinary administration, the committee will abide by the decision of the owner of the values. If a resident decides to leave the Sovereign Village, s/he can take all his values ​​with her/him.

No currency will be used on the territory of a Sovereign Village, while each type of currency will be used by a Sovereign Village for its trade with the external territories.

In a Sovereign Village all its residents have a guaranteed job and, in exchange for their work, they receive for free everything they need: home, food, clothing, education, the best medical care, a quick and reassuring justice and whatever else is necessary for a balanced existence.

Residents do not receive a cash remuneration for the work done in their Sovereign Village.

Adult residents, compatibly with the commitments they have in the Sovereign Village, can exit it and use outside of it their own values, but must declare to all the residents what they are going to do and how much they intend to spend.

Before the age of majority, leaving the Sovereign Village is allowed only when organized by the educational system.

A certain amount of money is granted, by the chief of the Sovereign Village, to the propertyless adult residents, to be used during their exits.

The chief of a Sovereign Village, if the Village has the means to do so, can give, if he wants, a small liquidation to those who decide to leave the Sovereign Village.

The majority vote of residents elects the chief of the Sovereign Village who in turn assumes a number of persons as collaborators. The majority vote of residents can, at any time, in the fastest way, almost in real time, dismiss the chief of the Sovereign Village and appoint a new one, who in turn can immediately confirm or replace the collaborators.

The people elected to govern, the chief of the Sovereign Village and all his/her collaborators, receive for free the same things as all the other residents, nothing more.

If the elected chief operates contrary to the principles on which the Sovereign Village is based and the residents of the Sovereign Village do not remove it immediately from the assignment, the nation that created the Sovereign Village has the authority to dismiss that chief and to appoint pro-tempore a commissioner with full powers, so that compliance with the rules and principles is restored and a new chief elected.

Communications between the residents of the Sovereign Village, but above all among the residents of the Sovereign Village and the external reality, are maximally promoted.

Within the Sovereign Village there must be the tools necessary for the control of the territory and the application of the regulation, as well as the tools for the defense against possible minor attacks from the outside.

Those residing in a Sovereign Village cannot maintain abroad personal work or consultancy commitments. His/her physical activity and his/her intellectual activity must be completely dedicated to the Sovereign Village. The proceeds of any advice given outside, if authorized by the chief of the Village, is in any case at the benefit of the Sovereign Village.

It is an exception to the above the taking care of one's own values ​​when entering the Sovereign Village.

Anyone, with the permission of the Sovereign Village chief, can accommodate people and let them enter the Sovereign Village on condition that they declare who they are, what they come to do and how long they stay.

For security reasons, an uninvited person cannot enter a Sovereign Village.

The reality of a Sovereign Village must be transparent and always controllable by its residents or by observers from other Sovereign Villages, or by observers of the nation that created it.

The concept on which the Sovereign Village is based is that only by choosing to limit one's own freedom and consumption, respecting the environment and the neighbor, one obtains a better quality of life, whereas by not doing so one becomes completely slaves of chaos.

There is very little environmental pollution in the Sovereign Villages and renewable energy sources are maximally used.

In a Sovereign Village it must be possible for everyone to have time and means to develop their own spirituality.

The Sovereign Villages, having a great productivity, with the surplus generated, participate, with altruism, in the construction of new Sovereign Villages, or they help those Sovereign Villages that are momentarily in difficulty.

Two things to do waiting for a next democrating vote.

  1. Speak and discuss about the Sovereign Villages with your family members, relatives, friends and acquaintances, and put pressure on the Deputies and Senators of your territory to take the idea into consideration.
  2. Every first Sunday of the month bring a flower, or a green branch, in the square of your city or your country.  If someone ask you why you do so, answer that your gesture represents a free and natural vote in favour of the Sovereign Villages.

Your country rulers will notice the floral vote and, for fear of losing their seats, will immediately build many Sovereign Villages.

Various considerations

The current systems, which by virtue of laws, regulations and weapons, regroup on earth the human beings into countries, cities and nations, have not been studied by technical experts or excellent scientists. These systems have developed, and continue to develop, without a clear global project but only as a function of interests and compromises between the stronger parties. Therefore, they are unbalanced and not reassuring systems.

The system of the Sovereign Villages is the first that has been studied before being applied and above all it is the first that is proposed and not imposed.

We are moving fast towards a situation where energy to move will soon become scarce, the air to breathe will become scarce, food and water will become scarce. When we will get to that point, we will be more and more forced to fight each other and few, the strongest as always, will be satiated at the expense of the weakest. If we do not want to give this sad future to our children and our children's children, it is better to start immediately to create many Sovereign Villages.

Sovereign Villages are a very serious and very simple thing

The Sovereign Villages represent the best way to achieve a balanced, gradual and reassuring development of the human species on the planet earth and to eliminate almost all the conflictuality that today afflicts the world.

You do not have the slightest idea of ​​how much more you could have by living in the Sovereign Villages, but above all of what more you could give! In the Sovereign Villages everyone will find many friends who they do not have today.

The decision to realize the Sovereign Villages is not a traumatic decision for the nations that will take it. The Sovereign Villages will be implemented gradually and as a result of decisions that are taken democratically.

The true essence of the Sovereign Villages is characterized by a reassuring and complete altruism and by a truly balanced rule of life.

Sovereign Villages are not a utopia. Many fantastic ideas of many years ago were rightly considered utopias, lacking at the time the technical means to achieve them. The rulers of today have incredibly powerful means available and, if they want, they can realize the fantastic utopia of the Sovereign Villages.

The pleasure of living in the Sovereign Villages, compared with the external reality, must be the reason for the residents’ stay inside of them, as well as the reason for the very existence of the Sovereign Villages.

When Pope Francis in his speech at the UN on September 27, 2015, asked the powerful of the world: Earth, Work and Freedom for the poor, he asked exactly what the Sovereign Villages project has always promised.

The Sovereign Villages realize the fundamental promises that the politicians have always made and all the hopes of the leaders of the good religions.

The reason why the rulers of a nation should decide to create the Sovereign Villages, subtracting them completely from the current legislation, is to have understood and recognized the impossibility of reorganizing in a short time, and in a productive way, the totality of their territory. Those rulers, through the Sovereign Villages, will realize the "Total Devolution," that is, the maximum transfer of powers and competences in favor of a part of its territory, making it highly productive.

The nations, through their own rulers, must have the pleasure of procreating, like great mothers, these virtuous sons of theirs: the Sovereign Villages.

The rulers of the democratic nations of the world who will decide to realize the Sovereign Villages on their territory, and also on the territories of the nations of the third world, will receive a great applause from their citizens.

The realization of Sovereign Villages will give everyone the right reason to fight and win the war against all forms of oppression and terrorism.

The national systems, in which we are living today, are constructed in such a way that each of their fractions is almost totally dependent on other fractions of the system itself, or of other nations. Hardly a fraction of a system, such as a city, no matter what size, would survive for long if it were completely isolated. This means that the current systems are like giants with clay feet, dangerously dependent on other systems. The Sovereign Villages, if they were isolated from everything, would always manage to survive and for a very long time.

In order not to enter into crisis, the systems we are living in are looking for their own development, making it coincide with an unbridled consumerism that is achieved by burning a lot of energy to produce many things and many services that are often not necessary. In the Sovereign Villages, development will coincide with the physical and spiritual development of its residents, reducing the need to burn energy to the minimum.

By now we all see that the systems in which we are living are increasingly complicated and malfunctioning. The current systems, therefore, have to be constantly repaired, they cost a lot and even after being repaired they work badly. Certainly, there is a better system than those which until now have been experienced by the human species. That system is that of the Sovereign Villages.

Imagine that our world is like a big ball. Imagine that every action of every man gives an impulse to the big ball and that the big ball moves according to the result of all these impulses. Imagine now that the big ball slowly moves along a slight slope, towards a point where the slope suddenly becomes a steep descent that ends in a ravine. Once you have reached the beginning of the steep descent, no law and no ruler will be able to stop the big ball... It is necessary to act in time and slow down, or better stop, the movement of the big ball, by creating many Sovereign Villages.

One wonders who really owns the territory of a nation! The nation itself? Its citizens? Who can dispose of it and then sell it? But above all, one wonders: When was it purchased? Who sold it? How much was it paid? The answer is that the territory has become the property of the first who arrived or, by force, of those who arrived later. The most honest answer is this: the territory belongs to everyone and if we really want to regulate its use, not its possession, we must invent a new regulation that is acceptable to everyone. Such regulation is called "Sovereign Villages."

Today there are clear imbalances regarding the territories available to the inhabitants of the planet. The strongest, or the luckiest, occupy better territories, for square meters or for quality, than those occupied by less strong or less fortunate people. No one has yet defined how we should proceed to regulate the use of the territories available on earth, if we become aware of the evident imbalances. The only solution today recognized as valid is the use of force, especially that of weapons. This way of proceeding can no longer be a reassuring method for the inhabitants of the planet. The system of the Sovereign Villages proposes the best and most reassuring solution, since the size of the Sovereign Villages will be related to the primary human needs as well as to the calculation of those who today live, or will live in the future, on earth.

We have measured every year in a thousand ways the state of the world and its degradation, we have seen the extinction of entire species of plants, of whole species of animals and we have finally published the results of these measurements. The leaders of the nations of the world have often gathered to see this growing deterioration, then everyone has forgotten to work out truly effective remedials to solve this dramatic problem, and this to save the immediate interests of certain industrial groups. In the Sovereign Villages, the remedials, if really necessary, will be applied one hundred percent.

Many nations are not able to enforce their laws on an important part of their territory or to guarantee the functioning of the essential services to the inhabitants of that part of the territory. On the latter, it is the law of the mafia that is in force and provides the services that the rulers are not able to guarantee. In the Sovereign Villages, because of their small sizes, the regulation will be easily applied and therefore there will be no possibility for any mafia to grow and develop.

We invented the car, an object that consumes gasoline and air, an object that pollutes, an object that kills those who use it and those who do not use it. We have built roads, highways, viaducts, bridges and, following the demands of the market, we have built more cars than the existing roads can withstand. We sold fuel to everyone and we allowed everyone, like spoiled children, to circulate whenever they wanted, where they wanted, and we allowed them to gasify the atmosphere with the exhaust gases without really knowing the effects that this pollution causes. We warmed the atmosphere. Our life system is constructed in such a way that the abnormal use of cars is indispensable. On the territory of the Sovereign Villages, due to their small size, cars will be scarcely necessary and, in any case, non-polluting transport systems will be used.

The systems in which we live today, because of their unproductiveness, force us to dedicate an enormous amount of our time to work, which prevents us from taking care of our elderly and our children. This is the primary reason why so many seniors are sent to the hospice and many children to the kindergartens. In the Sovereign Villages it will instead be possible for the elderly and children to live in the family. Beyond that, the elderly will be held in high esteem because of their precious experience.

Our rulers have forced us to take a wrong direction, and now we are traveling, and we are consuming all the food and energy sources available. When future generations will arrive at their destination, they will realize that where they have arrived there is neither food nor energy, but cold and desolation, and at that point they will never be able to go back. The Sovereign Villages are the right direction. In the Sovereign Villages there will always be enough food and energy for a balanced way of life.

The rulers, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens have built, day after day, huge cities without a truly global project, each having its own immediate interest as the only point of reference. These cities are now dangerous, not liveable and certainly do not serve as a model to build new ones. The model for a balanced development of the human species on earth is that provided by the system of the Sovereign Villages.

The rulers have created, and continue to create, laws and regulations that require every citizen to submit to expensive bureaucratic structures. The rulers have created, and continue to create, jobs for state employees that are necessary for the working of these expensive bureaucratic structures. The rulers have created, and continue to create, new taxes to be paid by citizens to pay the state employees needed to run such expensive bureaucratic structures. The cost of this excessive bureaucracy goes to the detriment of more productive investments. The rulers have not been able, and still unable, to dismantle this horrible structure. In the Sovereign Villages all unnecessary bureaucracies will be easily eliminated, and all the energies thus spared will be used for the common balanced way of life.

The rulers, with the money of the citizens, have made orbital stations, have built complicated gadgets that are used to make, close up group photos to the planets of the solar system and beyond, they have sent astronauts to roam in space. Meanwhile, these rulers have completely forgotten to improve the most fantastic of orbiting realities: the earth. The construction of the Sovereign Villages is what we have to do to improve our fantastic "orbiting reality."

The rulers of the world have operated as if the atmosphere were infinite and as if the resources of the earth were endless. In the Sovereign Villages the natural resources will be respected to the maximum and used in a balanced way.

The rulers have continued to promote the selfish interests of their citizens as the major if not only lever for the development of our civilization. In the Sovereign Villages the levers for development will be altruism and balance.

If the current systems still exist, this is largely due to the personal interest of the rulers and their principals. The rulers and their principals, keeping these systems intact, they keep their positions of command and privilege intact. In the Sovereign Villages there will be no privileged positions as the principles on which they are based will not allow it.

The rulers who will build the Sovereign Villages will take care to take action for the remaining territory of the nation in a way as much as possible in harmony with the principles that are in force in the Sovereign Villages. This will make it possible to achieve a gradual and reassuring improvement also of the areas outside the Sovereign Villages.

There must always exist territories organized without the Sovereign Villages. If this were not the case, the Sovereign Villages would no longer be a choice but an unbearable imposition.

Today all of us, indirectly, through the actions of other people, kill, cheat, enslave and poison. Tomorrow we will not do this anymore, if we will live in the Sovereign Villages

All free and democratic nations have always stood in defense of the right to life of children around the world, and this regardless of their nationality, their religion or their political affiliation. These nations cannot avoid standing in defense of the right to life of the Sovereign Villages, as new " newly born social entities." It is therefore desirable that the Sovereign Villages and their principles will be recognized and defended by all the free and democratic nations of the world. Serious suspicions of special interests would be legitimate if the rulers of a nation would oppose the creation of the Sovereign Villages.

We are too many, we are too close to each other and the rules of cohabitation are badly done and often not clear, but above all we are doing very little to improve them. In the Sovereign Villages there will be the right number of residents and the rules will be good and clear.

You are fine today, but billions of people are not well. You who are well should work hard to realize numerous Sovereign Villages before these billions of people begin to knock on your door to ask you about your inertia and your selfishness.

We all live in an insecure system that stinks and produces poisons. The Sovereign Villages are safe, do not stink and do not produce poisons.

The illuminated suggestion by Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) inventor, architect, designer, philosopher, writer, television host and professor at Southern Illinois University: "You will never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." The Sovereign Villages are the new model.

Christopher Columbus took the egg and, tapping it lightly on the table from the widest part, caused a "slight dent" that allowed the egg not to fall and to remain standing upright. The creation of the Sovereign Villages is the "light dent" that allows unproductive systems in crisis not to fall and become productive.

1586, Piazza San Pietro, Rome. The ropes were fastened and ready to lift the obelisk in the center of the square. The crowd that attended was not to breathe, on pain of death. Under the great effort the ropes began to heat up and were about to break. Brasca, a Ligurian sailor, shouted "water on the ropes" The workers at work understood and executed the suggestion thus saving the operation from the disaster. The sailor Brasca was immediately arrested to be executed. Later, he was pardoned by the Pope. Fortunately, today there is no death penalty for those who shout "Sovereign Villages!"